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Homemade Video

Homemade video, as the name suggests, is a type of film that is primarily made for home viewing. This type of video is not shown in theatres or released in DVDs and not directed by professional filmmakers or produced by major film studios. Instead, a homemade video is created by amateurs usually for artistic or personal purposes only and not for financial benefits.

What are the equipment and materials used in making a homemade video?

The most important equipment used in making a homemade video is a video recording device. A video recording device is an electronic equipment that is used to capture moving images on film. A video recording device may be in the form of a webcam, a video camera, a camcorder, a digital camera or a mobile phone with a built-in camera. For better video quality, amateur filmmakers also use improvised lighting equipment. The lighting equipment used in making a homemade video may be a lamp, a light bulb or a flashlight. Other materials and equipment used in making a homemade video include props, costumes and audio equipment.

What are the common subjects used in making a homemade video?

* Special occasions.

Weddings, birthday parties, school plays, musical concerts and graduation ceremonies-- these special occasions are never complete without a video footage. By making a homemade video, people are able to relive those special moments by simply playing the recorded homemade video on their VCRs, DVD players or computers.

* Hilarious antics.

Another common subject used in making a homemade video is a person's hilarious antics. From personal bloopers to funny baby moments, hilarious antics are better immortalised when they are captured on camera. A homemade video that features this type of subject can also serve as an entry to any of the funny video competitions featured on television or the Internet.

* Comedic sketches.

From celebrity parodies to funny skits, comedic sketches remain to be some of the most commonly used subjects in making a homemade video. Aspiring filmmakers or comedians produce a series of homemade video with comedic sketches to give happiness to their viewers. A collection of homemade video with these types of subjects can be viewed in the different video sharing or social networking websites available on the Internet.

Where can interested viewers find a homemade video?

One of the most common sources of a homemade video is the Internet. With millions of websites dedicated to video sharing, interested viewers of a homemade video can now find a wide variety of homemade video for both online streaming and personal downloading. There are also television programs that are especially produced to regularly hold amateur homemade video competitions. Homemade video entries that qualified for the contest are shown on television.